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WINTER RULES from 1st of November 

1. You may mark, lift, clean and replace your ball on the course (not penalty areas) without penalty, it must be replaced exactly in the same place.

2. Play in water hazards (ditches and ponds) is allowed.

3. Putting Greens are closed for the winter.

4. When there is a risk of freezing, the toilets on the course will be closed.

The path crossing holes # 1, 9, 10, 18 and along hole 11 is an immovable obstruction (rule 24-2). All other paths are integral parts of the terrain.

On the holes n ° 5, 6, 9 and 18 the rocks indicating the direction of the next hole are immovable obstructions (rule 24-2).

On hole 13 the trench that crosses the fairway to allow the passage of animals between the forest and the pond is an integral part of the terrain.

Ground under repair : The bare earth zones before and after all the bridges as well as surrounding sprinklers and other watering installations are classed as "ground under repair". This also includes any work areas which have mounds of earth whether marked by blue stakes or not as well as paths for trucks. Relief can be taken according to Rule 25-1b (i). The ball may be cleaned when lifted in accordance with Rule 25.1b.

The stakes of electric fences define the out of bounds of the ground. Specifically : For hole # 18, hole # 10 is out of bounds. It is defined by stakes or white lines. These stakes are imemovable obstructions (rule 24-2).
Specifically where an electric fence is used to mark the boundary to an internal field (which have sheep and goats resident), the electric fence determines the out-of-bounds area. It is forbidden to enter such out of bounds areas for security reasons.

Stones in the bunkers are removable obstructions (rule 24-1).

Distance measurement GPS's are allowed.

The use of a mobile phone is not recommended except in cases of emergency.

Matchplay - loss of holes
Strokeplay - 2 penalty strokes

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